How to set A/B test campaigns in Mailercloud?

Step by step guide on A/B test campaign. Know how to make different versions of the same email campaign and see which one performs better.

What are A/B test campaigns, and how do I use them?

A/B testing is the fastest and most powerful way to conduct controlled experiments on your campaign and figure out what yields better outcomes. With A/B testing, you make different versions of a single email. You can perform the variations on the subject line, content, and send time. And at the end of the test, you will find out what kind of email attracts more subscribers and at what time you should deliver the emails.

  • You have first to figure out the elements you would like to test.

  • You have to maintain the same From ID, Reply to ID and Campaign tag in both the tests.

  • You must carry out multiple A/B tests before making a final decision or final change.

  • You must be patient to achieve success in your email campaigns.

How do I perform A/B testing?

After you log in to your Mailercloud account, you will find yourself on the Dashboard. On the Dashboard, you will find the Create Campaign button on the top right corner. In the drop-down menu here, you will have to select A/B Split Campaign.

You will then have to initiate the process by first entering the campaign’s name and filling in other relevant details like the Sender’s ID, Campaign Tag and the Reply to ID. Apart from the name of the campaign, the additional information must be the same in both cases.



In the next step, you should make your desired variations in the style and format. You can test by creating variations of anything in your email- your headlines, subject lines, calls to action, body, images, etc.

You can choose your prefered templates for both A and B campaigns from Mailercloud’s updated template gallery or make your unique templates from the drag-and-drop editor. Once it is done, you can select your contact lists or segments on which you want to run the test by clicking on Choose Recipients.

Can I add more conditions to my A/B test?

Yes, of course. You can set up additional rules for running an A/B test.

You can add the percentage of your subscribers you want to send the email to( the limit field should be below 50%). For example, if we select 20% of the subscribers for running the test, Campaign A will be sent to 10% of the subscribers, and Campaign B will be sent to the other 10%.

Furthermore, you can mention the time after which you wish to receive the result of your A/B campaign. Mailerclud will automatically figure out the winning campaign by comparing the open rates.

Now that you are all set to start your campaign, you can Click Publish to deliver your email to the selected contact lists immediately. However, if you want to know about the optimal time for delivery, you can schedule your campaigns accordingly.


Take Away Thoughts

Mailercloud’s A/B Split Campaign feature helps you to test all the important elements in your campaign. If done consistently, A/B testing can benefit your brand and its foundation. It will help you figure out what works for your brand and audience. You have to be consistent and regular as some modifications that work today may not work tomorrow on your campaigns.