What is the contact rating in Mailercloud?

Learn about Mailercloud contact rating. Find how it evaluates each contact based on their profile information and their activity.

What is Contact Rating?

Contact Rating is a marketing feature that evaluates each contact based on their profile information and their activity. You can use the rating to send an appreciation campaign to your most engaged subscribers or send a re-engagement campaign to win back subscribers who aren’t active.

The aim of the contact rating is to improve the quality of email marketing. Contact rating automatically recognises engaging customers among all of the contacts.

The rating is not final, and it changes over time for individual contacts, as their future activities are also taken into consideration.


How are contacts rated in Mailercloud?

0-star rating: Contacts that fail to pass the MX check and domain-wise verification during the list upload process are assigned a 0-star rating.


1-Star Rating: By default, immediately after uploading your contact list, all contacts receive a 1-star rating.


2-Star Rating: Once the list is added, Mailercloud initiates a random selection of emails for verification. External tools are employed to track the status of these emails. This step involves the central database verification process.


3-Star Rating: Contacts that have generated at least one open or have been listed as recipients in the central database's index of opened emails receive a 3-star rating.


4-Star and 5-Star Rating: Mailercloud has its own algorithm to categorise contacts into 4- star and 5-star ratings, based on sent counts, opens counts and clicks counts. The algorithm categorisation happens every 3 months. Contact rating fluctuations occur based on the sent count.


What to do after you know the rating of your contacts?

  • Segmentation based on levels of engagement: Utilize the contact ratings to create segments that reflect different levels of customer engagement. For instance, you can create segments based on the number of stars assigned to each contact. Contacts with a rating higher than 3 stars typically exhibit good open rates, making them valuable for targeted campaigns.

  • Recognize and reward highly engaged contacts: Show appreciation for your most engaged contacts by offering promotions, discounts, or other rewards. This helps foster loyalty and encourages continued interaction with your brand.

  • Re-engage less active contacts: Identify subscribers with low contact ratings and implement strategies to re-engage them with your brand. Craft personalized messages or targeted campaigns to reignite their interest and encourage active participation.

  • Remove inactive contacts: Save time and resources by excluding inactive users from your campaign sends. By leveraging the contact ratings, you can identify and remove contacts who have shown little or no engagement with your communications. This approach allows you to focus your efforts and resources on contacts that are more likely to respond positively.

Taking these actions based on the rating of your contacts will enable you to optimize your email marketing efforts, improve customer engagement, and drive better results. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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