How to add new contacts in Mailercloud?

Know how to add new contacts on Mailercloud and organise them into contact lists.

How to add contacts in Mailercloud?

To create a new contact list, simply follow the video guide or refer to the steps mentioned in this section.



  • Go to "Add your audience", appearing on the dashboard.

  • Click on the "Create recipients" button. Enter the first name and select the contact type, which can be:

    • Active

    • Bounces

    • Suppressed

    • Unsubscribe

    • Spam Complaints

    • Abuse

  • Hit the "Continue" button appearing on the bottom right.

How to upload the contact list?

Mailercloud allows you to upload the contact list right after filling in the details. To add a contact, you can choose from any of the following three methods:-



  • Uploading a CSV file

    You can upload a .CSV file from your device by clicking on the "Start an upload" button. Once the upload is complete, you can hit the "Continue" button on the bottom right.

  • Copy-Pasting

    You can copy-paste your contacts by clicking the "Copy and paste" button. Here you can add the email addresses, first name, country and city in the editor window and hit the "Continue" button on the bottom right. 

  • Adding Individual Contacts

    You can add contacts one by one by clicking on the "Add now" button. This will open up the subscriber form, which you need to fill and then hit the "Continue" button on the bottom right.

Why should I map my contacts?

Mailercloud advises you to Map the columns in your file to the contact properties to match the contact details with the attribute they belong to. If the row indicates a contact’s first name, set the matching attribute as First name.




Important FAQs


How to add a contact list/Audience? 

Mailercloud allows you to add your contacts/audience in the following ways:-


  •  By uploading the CSV file, containing all the required contacts directly.

  •  By simply copy-pasting the contacts from the available document.

  • By adding individual contacts one-by-one, and filling all the contact details. For adding individuals, contact details like the first name, surname, place and country should be filled in. You can also add details like zip/postcode. You could also add other relevant minor details. 


Can I delete and create a new contact list in my existing plan?

If you are a free or premium user, then you can delete your contact list after 07 days have passed from the date of creating the contact list.


Should I authenticate the domain before creating the contact list?

There is no such restriction here. One can complete any of these two processes first, as they want.

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