Why do you need a Drag and Drop Builder?

Mailercloud’s Drag and drop builder lets you customise your email formats by adding blocks, fonts, colours.etc., in a template. Coding skills are no longer necessary for creating beautifully designed and inspiring emails. Every template is responsive, mobile-friendly, and can be optimised for your brand.

Mailercloud’s drag and drop builder reduces template creation into two steps:

  • Select an email format that suits you.

  • Customise and organise your blocks.

How to use Drag and Drop builder?

  1. Login to your Mailercloud account.

  2. Start creating a new campaign.

  3. Click on Choose email template.

4. Select drag and drop editor from the page that appears.

5. Select a template layout from the list.

6. Click on Continue.

7. Drag content blocks which you want to include and drop them where you want. Customise and organise your blocks. There are a lot of block categories of

elements to choose from.


This category lets you add the following your email:

  • Logos

  • Horizontal menu

  • Titles

  • Social links

You can change the padding, alignment and font settings of the Header.

Gallery :

  • This category lets you add images in different layouts.

  • You can add a maximum of three images in the layouts.

  • Add images directly from your computer or any external sources.

  • Image properties can be edited by clicking on the particular image and choose the required changes from Content Properties


This block category lets you add the following elements to your email template:

  • Titles

  • Subtitles

  • Horizontal image with text

  • Choose from different article types:

a. 2 - Article layout

b. 4- Article layout

c. Hero image with Article template

d. Article with an image background


  • E-commerce category provides you with product building blocks for your e-commerce platform.

  • Add up to 1-3 products and its details.

  • Edit the images, padding, background setting and font settings by selecting on each element.

Special :

Mailercloud’s Drag and drop builder lets you add and customise the following:

  • Dividers

  • Spaces

  • Button

  • Event layout

  • Different types of signature layout.

Buttons and more:

You add and customise the following for your email template.

  • Endnote and button for events

  • Feedback note and button

  • Add links

  • Titles and Social links

In Social links, you will see the blocks to integrate your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts directly in your email

  • Add applications (i.e. Playstore or iOS store)


  • Hosts blocks for different types of footers.

  • You can add the social media buttons, Contact us content or company logo in the footer.

8. After adding all the blocks that are necessary for your emails, select the required block to:

  • Easily Duplicate, Re-order and Delete blocks.

  • You can also hide selected blocks in mobile phones

  • You can customise the blocks and also elements inside the blocks. Select the element and Click on Content Properties.

Content properties

You can edit the entire block contents and settings that you have dragged on to your template.

  • Select your favourite block type (list, card or full-width),

  • Change the background settings and font settings of all the block types.

  • Change the padding and display of blocks and the elements within the blocks.

  • Content properties depend on the selected element.

  • Style your button, add button text and footer.

  • You can customise heading, sub-headings.

  • Customise image sizes and upload images.

9. Finally preview the template in desktop, mobile and tablet mode.

10. After you finish, hit Continue. Your template is ready!

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