How to create a time-based campaign in Mailercloud?

Mailercloud offers email scheduling based on time and date. Here is the detailed guide on time-based email campaigns.

Once you have completed finalizing your regular campaign, you can schedule it by tapping on the Schedule button. You will find two options for scheduling your campaign. The first one is Standard scheduling. The second option is that of Advanced scheduling. The Advanced scheduling option allows you to conduct time-based campaigns.

What is a Time-based campaign?

A Time Based Campaign is a Mailercloud feature that helps in strategizing and organizing the frequency of a campaign. It allows the client to set not only the date, time zone, and time of the campaign but also to set the range of days or weeks for which they want to run a campaign. They can also select the days on which they wish to send emails and on which days they want to avoid. It helps in conducting a more efficient campaign with more open rates and click rates.

Further features

It allows clients even to set the daily frequency of emails sent by selecting the number of hours and the number of emails per hour. By such a setting, the client can target particular hours in the day to ensure maximum engagement with a specific group of audience.

You can also fix a higher frequency of emails per hour to finish the campaign earlier than the initially set frequency. You can again do the same for specific days by increasing the volume of emails on particular days and decreasing it on other days based on your strategy of sending a total volume of emails.

However, it would help if you diligently calculated your frequency, or else you might come across error messages asking you to insert values lower or higher than the limit. The limit is calculated based on how you distribute your total volume of emails over the days and hours selected.