How to personalize your emails using Mailercloud?

Learn how to send unique, tailor-made, and personalised emails with Mailercloud by using segmentation, automation, custom HTML editor, etc

You can send out unique, tailor-made and personalised emails with Mailercloud. Make all your customers feel special. Send out personalised emails by adding their name to your email subject line and content and shower extra love on them by remembering their birthday, hometown or favourite colour

How to customise your emails with Mailercloud?

1. Segmentation helps you get personal

Creating unique segments with Mailercloud helps you deliver highly personalised emails. We help you categorise your subscribers based on multiple criteria like subscription status, contact rating, campaign tags, gender, age, nationality, salary, department etc., that are relevant to subscribers within a segment. Our Campaign tag will help you distinguish individual campaigns and also group together similar email campaigns promising you effective segmentation.


2. Automating your emails

Automation makes sure that every contact is given individual attention and is only provided with relevant emails. With Mailercloud effective automation feature, you can create and automate your welcome emails, birthday emails, festive campaigns and re-engagement emails triggered by customer action.

3. Using custom HTML fields

Personalising your emails while using an HTML editor or drag and drop editor is made easy by adding our custom field tags. We have made a list of various custom field tags to choose from. Add multiple fields. The impact of custom fields on your email campaigns cannot be ignored.


4. Personalising your send time

Mailercloud’s email delivery by time zone helps you to reach out to your customers across the world at their favoured time of the day. Avoid waking up your customer at odd hours with an email campaign message.