Advanced Automation Lists

You can view the list of all the automation that you have created.

listingThis page enlists all your automation workflows, their status, last updated date, and the total number of contacts enrolled.

How to track the status of automation workflows?

The dashboard shows the status of the automation workflows under the following categories:


Published automation workflows have the status “Active”. This automation is currently running. If you want to edit the active automation, you need to pause & edit it. Once you have edited it as per your need, you can publish it again.



If you want to stop any automation, you can deactivate the automation from the action dropdown in the list page (as shown in the image below). Once deactivated, automation will be in “Inactive” status.


Automation workflows that are not published yet, are in “Draft” status. You can publish them at any time, by clicking on “Activate” from the action dropdown.


If you set up an automation workflow to start at a future date from the automation settings, then it will show a “Scheduled” status. As soon as the start date time arrives, the automation flow will start and it will automatically move to “Active” status.


If you set up an end date time for automation, it will stop at that particular date and its status will show as “Completed”. This automation will not work further.