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How does the Mailercloud dashboard look like?

Get introduced to the Mailercloud dashboard where you will find the latest information on the performance of your campaigns.


The dashboard is the primary management page of your Mailercloud account. Here you will find the latest information and statistics on the performance of your campaigns in detail. The various tabs help you with a quick yet informative analysis of the state of your campaign. You can start a new campaign after completing the steps like “Add your audience”, “Authenticate your domain”, and “Create your sender ID”.  Here's a complete overview of how the Mailercloud Dashboard looks like and what are the features:-


Further, here are the details of all the tabs on the dashboard:-

Sent: This tab indicates the number of emails sent out to subscribers. It also shows the percentage increase or decrease of the emails sent from the previous day.

The sent graph: This graphical representation displays the number of sent emails over a particular period of time.

Opens: Opens informs the user on how many emails have been opened from the total number of emails sent.

Clicks: This refers to the number of clicks to the landing page through the link provided from the total number of emails opened.

Unsubscribe: It is self-explanatory as it refers to the number of unsubscribed email accounts.

Opens and clicks: It is a graph that provides the user with information on the number of opens and clicks over a particular time. The bars in different color codes in the graph give an idea of the ratio of opens to clicks.

Contact summary: In the form of a pie chart representation, this tab gives a detailed insight into the bounces, valid accounts, unknown accounts, the number of suppressed accounts, and the number of accounts spam trapped out of the total contacts.

Contact engagement: This is an essential statistical representation available on the dashboard after the commencement of the campaign. It provides the user with the number of openers, non-openers, and clickers. It also gives us the number of abuses, unsubscribed, and spam complaints and therefore helps the user calculate the engagement rates of a campaign.


Create a campaign: You can create campaigns like Regular, A/B Split and Autoresponders by scrolling across the options under “Campaign” in the left slider menu in the dashboard and drop-down under the “Create Campaign” button. 



Date filter: The date filter allows the user to select a range of days, weeks, or even months of statistical information and track the commencement of the performance of campaigns and predict future projections.


Important FAQs


What is the Mailercloud dashboard?

Mailercloud dashboard is a single interface to manage all your account settings, run email campaigns, track the campaign performance, manage your contact list, and much more.

How many types of email campaigns can I run?

You can run three types of email campaigns, namely Regular, A/B Split, and Autoresponders.

What are the steps I need to complete before sending my first email campaign?

You need to create your contact list, complete domain authentication, and send ID verification, to get started with your email campaigns.

When do my emails get marked as spam?

At Mailercloud, we want you to follow good email marketing practices to avoid spam. For instance, if you have been sending too many emails with an unverified email ID, sending spammy subject lines, sending emails without taking recipient's permission, avoiding domain authentication, using poorly designed email templates with little emphasis on texts, using emails for illegitimate activities and other such scenarios, you might be marked as spam. This is also essential because your emails will not only affect your existing users but will also put our platform's reputation at risk. 

What should I do if I face any problem with Mailercloud? 

You need not worry. Simply write to us at support@mailercloud.com, and get a quick resolution to all your issues.