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Plan and Pricing FAQs

Find an answer to all your questions related to our Plan and Pricing.

1. What are the email marketing plans at Mailercloud?

We offer three email marketing plans to help you engage with your customers. You can choose from our free plan, premium plan, and enterprise plan.

2. How can I switch between different plans? 

You can simply go to account settings, tap/click on the “Upgrade/Change Plan” button and choose your required plan.

3. Do I actually get unlimited emails under the premium plan?

You can access ‘unlimited’ by following quality email sending habits (this includes following good design practices, taking permission from the recipients, sending legitimate content, and more) to ensure spam-free emails. To find more, check our Terms and Conditions   

4. How can I check my current and upcoming plans?

You can check complete details of your existing as well as upcoming plans by following this process, login into your Mailercloud account>account settings>plan and billing>monthly plans and credits.

5. How can I make a payment?

You can make a payment based on your chosen payment methods. To add a  new payment method, login into your Mailercloud account>account settings>plan and billing>payment methods>add card. Once done with this, you can change the default payment card, provided that you have more than one payment option.

6. Can I create a custom plan? 

Yes, under our enterprise plan we allow you to choose the email volumes and contacts you may require based on your business needs. To choose this plan, tap/click on the contact sales button under the enterprise plan and fill in all the details. Upon this, our team will contact you and create your custom plan against the applicable charges, as per your chosen volumes.

7. Can I put my subscription plan on hold? 

Yes, you can put your subscription plan on hold and resume the services when you need them. To do this, simply tap/click on the "Take a Break" button under account settings>monthly plans and credits. Later, you can log in to your account using the same credentials and resume your services for the applicable days. For instance, if you have used the services for 15 days and then plan to put your account on hold, then you can do the same and later resume your account for another 15 days.

8. What are the currency options in which I can make the payment? 

You can make the payment in GBP, INR, or USD with applicable tax as VAT as 20% and GST as 18%. In other cases, there will be no tax.

9. How can I check my billing history?

You can view and download your fast payment details under account settings > plan and billing > billing history.

10. When do my emails get marked as spam?

At Mailercloud, we want you to follow good email marketing practices to avoid spam. For instance, if you have been sending too many emails with an unverified email ID, sending spammy subject lines, sending emails without taking recipient's permission, avoiding domain authentication, using poorly designed email templates with little emphasis on texts, using emails for illegitimate activities and other such scenarios, you might be marked as spam. This is also essential because your emails will not only affect your existing users but will also put our platform's reputation at risk.