Drag and Drop Builder FAQs

Know answers to all your concerns related to our newest Drag and Drop Builder

1. How to create an email signature?

To add an email signature, go to the templates menu on the left-hand side of the Drag and Drop Builder dashboard. Select your desired email signature and customize it as per your requirement.

2. How to add/remove hyperlinks to Text?

To add a hyperlink, "select the text" and choose an option called "link" from the text editor appearing on the top and add the desired URL in the field. Similarly, you can remove the link by selecting the text and choosing an option called "unlink" from the text editor.

3. Why do my buttons appear different in Outlook?

To avoid this issue, you are required to always assign a URL to your buttons. It is because, if you do not add an URL, then, you may experience some design-break issues like a collapse of buttons, button texts, and similar.

4. What is the dark mode for emails? How to optimize emails?

There are some email clients like Outlook, Gmail, and others who are now formatting dark mode for emails. To make your email look better, always ensure that the background image selected by you matches the structure background.

5. Why can't I see the background image in Outlook?

You might not have uploaded the background image on the top of the structure or the background image colour might not have matched with the background colour of the structure. Therefore, it is recommended to always upload a background image on the top of the structure and keep its colour the same as that of the structure's background.

6. Can I edit the image in DD builder?

You can add, remove or replace an image from your device or external source.

7. How to add a background image?

You can add, remove or replace an image with a click. You can upload an image from an external source or device. However, you should ensure that the image size is not more than 3 MB or 4000X4000 px.

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