Zapier Integration FAQs

Find answers to all your queries related to integrating of Mailercloud account with an app in Zapier.

1. What can the Zapier integration plugin do for me? 

By integrating Mailercloud's Zapier integration plugin, you can easily connect your Mailercloud account with 4000+ apps featured in Zapier. You can automate email workflows, synchronize contacts, and much more. 


2. Do I need to have a Mailercloud account for using this plugin?

Yes, you need to have a Mailercloud account to integrate it with your desired app.


3. What is the cost of this plugin?

The Mailercloud's Zapier integration plugin is free to use. If you have a Zapier account you can use this plugin for free.  


4. Can I select more than one action in Zapier?

You need to create more than one Zaps, with different actions that you wish to have by using this plugin. For instance, you can create two Zaps, one with the action as "Add Contact to a List" and another with "Update Contact". Once you turn on these Zaps, it will automatically complete these actions and you can check the performance or manage its settings from the Zapier dashboard.


5. Can I create a custom field in Zapier? 

No, in Zapier you cannot create a custom field. You will have to login into your Mailercloud account, create a custom field and once you are done, return to your Zapier account and click on "Refresh fields". 


6. Can I transfer data between different apps?

You can easily transfer data between different apps by choosing the source and the destination of the data under the transfer option available at the Zapier dashboard


7. How many contacts can be synchronized at a time in Zapier?

It depends on the Zapier plan that you have chosen. For example, if you have 1000 contacts in your plan then you can sync only 1000 contacts at once.


8. Why do I need an API key and where can I find it?

You need the API key while setting up an action event. To find your Mailercoud API key login into your Mailercloud account. Go to Account> Integrations > API Integrations. (Or, you can click here).


9. What types of contacts can I add?

You can add Active, Bounce, Abuse, Unsubscribe, Suppressed, Spam Contacts to your Mailercloud account.


10. What to do, if I face any issues or need any support? 

In case you face any issue, you can write to us at