How to Add conditions to email automation flow?

Use these “Conditions” to branch the contacts. The following options for “Conditions” are available:

  • If/Else
  • 50/50 Split
  • Wait for trigger


ifelsIf/Else: Different paths can be created for the contacts in your advanced automation journey map using the if/else rules. Consider adding an if/else rule to your journey to send contacts down different paths depending on whether they opened a certain email or any other specific condition.

50/50 Split 

50split50/50 Split: As the name says, split your contacts in a ratio of 50:50 to follow either path A or path B. Test and optimize your workflow results using this functionality.

Wait for a trigger

witfor trigger

Wait for trigger: Your contacts can't advance in your customer journey if you have a wait-for-trigger rule set up. As long as a condition is not met, waiting for trigger rules will pause the progress of your contacts in the customer journey. Based on their purchase details, campaign activity, or another segmentation option, use these rules to maintain contacts at a particular spot in your customer journey flow.