How to create a regular campaign in Mailercloud?

Mailercloud lets you easily create and send regular campaigns. Here is a detailed guide on how to create and deliver your campaigns.

Regular email campaigns are the one-time email communication with your customers where you make announcements regarding your product, offer promotions and update them with the latest trends from your industry. It is the most potent and seminal piece of interaction in your long term relationship with your customers. Mailercloud helps you create visually attractive and highly engaging emails for your campaigns. It also enables you to send them at hours which strategically might lead to higher engagement.


Getting started


There are a few things you must take care of before starting your campaign. This will ensure the quality of your emails and maintain high standards of professionalism.


  • It would be best if you prepared a contact list of all your subscribers to whom you want to deliver the emails. It is the first step in strategising a good campaign.

  • Invest your creativity in putting up a highly engaging content. An eye-catching subject line is your jackpot ticket to get higher open and click rates. It is a common saying in the email marketing industry that attractive subject lines are the single most crucial piece of content which leads to high engagement and even conversions.

  • After you have your content and designs prepared for your campaign, test it by sending it to yourself. On Mailercloud, you can tap on the Testmail button to do so. You can go through this draft version and note down any last changes you would want to make before sending it to your audience.

  • Do not forget to check how the layout looks on desktop, tablet and mobile views. You must make sure that your email template is compatible and easy to interact with on all these devices.

  • Plan a date and time for sending your campaign. Selecting a date and time in advance to send out your campaigns helps you to plan your email sending effectively. On Mailercloud, you can avail advanced options for scheduling your campaigns.

Campaign creation




You can create regular campaigns on Mailercloud in a few simple steps once you have logged into your Mailercloud account.

  • After logging in, you will find yourself on the Dashboard. Tap on the Create Campaign button in the top right corner of the Dashboard.

  • You can start creating your campaign by first giving it a relevant and catchy name. A complicated, layered or verbose name might confuse your audience. Be direct and straightforward. Most importantly, it should also be unique from your earlier or future campaigns.

  • Now add a subject line. As mentioned above, subject lines are very crucial for making the first impression. They have to be innovative, attractive and can also be humorous depending upon your target audience.

  • After you have set a campaign name and subject line, enter the sender details. It includes Sender Name and a verified Sender Id and Reply Id.




Moving on, you can select a campaign tag for your campaign. A campaign tag helps distinguish individual campaigns. It also groups email campaigns based on its purpose and theme. Subscribers who open email campaigns with the assigned tags will be tracked to create further segmentation. In future, these segments would come in aid for creating a campaign targeted at those subscribers. You can add a preheader and reminder to your preference.


After you are complete with the information insertion part of creating a campaign, you can move on to the designing part by tapping on the Choose email template button. You can bring your emails to life with animated templates. You can choose

predesigned templates from the Template Gallery. You can also upload photos from your device and use them on your templates.


Besides, you can also use the Drag and Drop Editor to create your templates. After you select the basic structure of the template, you can use a wide variety of text, image and layout add on features to make an attractive template. Alternatively, you can also copy-paste your HTML code on the HTML editor.





You can now send the Testmail to yourself to check the campaign one more time before you send it to your audience. After you are satisfied with the campaign template and you feel that it is ready to go, you can tap on the Continue button, select the contacts or segments you wish to send the email. You can preset conditions on your email and send it either immediately or schedule it.