How to create an advanced email automation workflow in Mailercloud?

An advanced email automation workflow is a series of emails sent in response to a certain event, date/time, campaign activity, or subscriber activity. With Mailercloud, you can design fully customized email automation workflows with multiple trigger points, delays, conditions, and much more.

Steps to Create Advanced Email Automation Workflow

Step 1: Log in to your Mailercloud account.

Step 2: Go to the left-side menu bar. Click on “Campaigns”. Then, click on “Automations”.


Step 3: Select “Create Automation”. Add the name for your automation workflow and then, choose “Advanced” and then click on “Create Flow”.


Step 4: Once you click on “Create flow”, it will direct you to the advanced email automation flow builder. Here you can set the automation workflow by selecting appropriate starting trigger points, actions, delays, and conditions.


Step 5: Once everything is set up, you can publish automation.

publishThe automation will run as per the settings. You can pause and edit the automation workflows at any time. Furthermore, you can deactivate and duplicate the automation flows.