How to create autoresponders in Mailercloud?

Learn how to use the Mailercloud email autoresponder to send automated emails to your target audience group.

What are Autoresponders?

Autoresponders help you send automatic emails to a specific group of people on your email list. Events of interest trigger these emails. These events include joining your list, buying a similar product and browsing patterns. You can also create a new list specifically for those who demand your product.



Autoresponders mainly consist of either educational or promotional content. Educational or know-how content might include videos, infographics and free ebooks while promotional content can consist of offers and discounts. Ideally, it strikes the right balance between know-how and discount offers. The email sequence should be consistent in addressing your prospective customer’s needs and highlight your product or service’s potential.

How do I use Autoresponders effectively?

An autoresponder is a very powerful email marketing tool. It specifically caters to follow up emails to all the audience who have triggered the primary campaign.

For example, imagine you are sending an email campaign regarding Health and Fitness, and you feel like sending some additional emails to only those interested in health and fitness. This is possible using a series of autoresponder emails. Your autoresponder emails reach the audience as soon as the recipient opens, clicks or in any way triggers the primary campaign.

Autoresponder increases the audience engagement, email deliverability as well as conversion ratings. It also helps you in segmenting customers based on their interest and sending targeted emails.


Checklist before starting

It would be best if you prepared a highly engaging primary campaign. The open rates of your primary campaign determine the deliverability of your autoresponder.

After that, you must set up a sequence of emails with equally exciting subject lines and email content.

Finally, you must fix a perfect time for the autoresponder to be delivered, i.e. immediately or a desirable time after subscriber action.