How to create contact list segmentation in Mailercloud?

Learn how to segment your contact list and deliver the right messages to the right person

What is Segmentation?

Segmentation is the process of classifying all your contacts into a tiny and targeted group based on common interest or behaviours. If you are dealing with a vast audience, segmentation will broaden your market by delivering the right message to the right person.


Why should you segment your contacts?

Segmentation helps you identify and group your contacts based on different criteria. Segmentation allows you to deliver the right content to the right people

It also increases the email open rates, click rates and conversion rates.

You can also start sending:

  • Highly personalised email content - Segmentation lets you send tailor-made emails that would individually suit all your customers.

  • Beneficial emails - Segmentation helps you send email contents that are relevant emails, that would matter to your customers.

Segmenting your contacts with Mailercloud

After uploading lists of all the contacts, Mailercloud lets you segment your audience into smaller groups based on different criteria like interests, place, gender, subscriber status etc., just by selecting Segment from the dashboard. With Mailercloud, you can also narrow your segments by layering more than one conditions or criteria for making a segment. Segmentation can be done on any basis-based on the language, location, behaviour, gender, even by comparing from where they reached the signup form.


How to create segments with Mailercloud?

1. Login to your Mailercloud account.

2. Select segment from the left side of your dashboard.


3. Click on create segment to create your first segment.




4. Give a name for your segment.

5. You can choose the Contact lists from which you want to create a segment.

6. You can add multiple conditions for building your segment for that, click on Add condition option.


Just press save once you have completed selecting the lists and explained the conditions, your segment is created. Now you can send targeted and personalised emails to all your segments.


Conditions for segmentation

Segmentation can be done on any basis. Based on the language, location, behaviour, gender, even by comparing where potential customers reached the signup form.



The significant conditions you can select in Mailercloud are the following:


• Subscription status

• Email verified

• Email rating

• Email address

• Domain

• Country

• City

• State

• Salary

• Operating system

• Device

• Department

• Subscriber opened


You can also add multiple conditions for segmenting contact lists. Now you can send targeted and personalised emails to all your segments