How to deliver emails by timezone using Mailercloud?

A step by step guide to email delivery by timezone. Have your emails delivered at the exact same time in all time zones.

Make sure all your emails are delivered at the same exact time in all time zones with our delivery by time zone feature. Send your emails out at the right time.

Why do we use Time zone delivery?

Time zone delivery works by delivering your email campaign at the time you specify for each time zone in which a subscriber resides. This optimum time to send a campaign varies from company to company and will depend on your audience, industry, and what your subscriber wants to do.


How do we know the time zones of customers?

We get subscribers' time zones in two ways:

  • The form they used to signup in a specific time zone.

  • By tracking the opens of your previous campaigns by Location.

How to make a time zone delivery?

Mailerclod lets you explore our Time zone delivery feature for free.

To start sending emails as per your audiences’ time zones, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Mailercloud account.

  2. Create a new campaign like you usually do.

  3. When you are asked to select your send time, i.e you can either select Immediate delivery or Schedule campaign. For time zone delivery select Schedule Campaign.

  4. Choose your preferred time, and you are done.

Now sit back and relax, your campaigns are in the safe hands of Mailercloud. We will send emails to each recipient in their own time zone.