How to set email automation in Mailercloud?

Learn how email automation in Mailercloud helps send targeted emails to the right person at the right time.

What is email automation?

Email automation is the most powerful tool to send emails that would target the right person at the right moment. Save the extra time and effort you invest in managing your email marketing.

Mailercloud’s email automation individually targets and sends relevant emails to each customer.

What should you know before starting?

  • Create a contact list.

  • Understand your audience.

  • Segment your audience.

  • Prepare email content for the automation series.

How to automate your emails with Mailercloud?

  1. Login to your Mailercloud account.

  2. Hover along the left side of your dashboard and select “Automation.”

  3. Click on “Create Automation” from the page that appears.

4. Enter the Automation details, i.e. the name of the automation.

5. Click on Choose your target. You can select lists or segments of customers you want to target.

6. Set the Start and End times of your automation series.

7. Click Continue

8. Create an email campaign that is the first in the series. It is also known as the Starting Sequence.

9. Click on Add Campaign.

10. Select Create a Campaign.


11. Create a campaign name.

12. Add the subject line.

13. Enter the Sender's name.

14. Select your valid and verified From ID and reply ID

15. Add a campaign tag to your email. Campaign tags let you filter/segment your contacts based on their interests.

16. You can add email preheaders and permission reminders according to your preference.

17. Choose a Template from our Template Gallery or create a new one with our Drag and Drop editor.

18. Click Continue.

19. Select the Conditions for managing your automation flow.



You can trigger your emails based on how a customer reacts to the previous emails in the series. You can set the trigger as-

  • Opened: When a customer opens one of your emails in the series. The trigger for sending the next email can be set as immediately, or you can specify the number of days by selecting wait.

  • Not opened: When one of your emails remains un-noticed in your customer’s inbox. The trigger for the next email could be set as wait and can be sent only after 1 day by default or you can specify the number of the days

  • Clicked: When a customer contributes a click to one of your emails in the series.

  • Not clicked: When one of your emails is opened but not clicked by the customer.

  • If you are looking forward to sending emails to everyone, select All.

20. After applying the conditions and adding email contents for all the emails in the automation series, click on Continue and then Publish.

How to track your automation reports?

Mailercloud gives you insights on deliverability and engagement of your automation as well as campaign wise reports.

  • You can track all the delivered emails, queued emails, hard bounces and soft bounces of your automation series.

  • Measure your overall automation engagement with the open rates, click rates, spam complaints, abuses, and unsubscribes.

  • Get real-time campaign-wise reports based on deliverability and campaign performance.

What are some additional options?

  • You can filter your Automations concerning the date, automation status, automation name, etc.

  • You can send a Test mail of the created automation from the automation list page

  • For duplicating your already created automation, select Duplicate from the drop-down list

  • To deactivate an ongoing campaign, choose Deactivate from the drop-down list. This campaign can be activated by selecting Activate from the list.