Template Gallery FAQs

Find all your answers related to “Template Gallery”.

1. Can I create a custom template? 

Yes, you can create a custom template by using your own HTML code or text file.

2. What are Mailercloud templates?

Mailercloud templates are the pre-built templates that you would find under "Template Gallery" in your Mailercloud dashboard. You can use these templates for saving on the template designing time. 

3. Can I create a copy of my existing template?

Yes, you can create a copy of any of your existing templates by selecting the "Duplicate" option for the chosen template.

4. Where can I find all my templates?

You can track and manage your templates under the "All" tab in the “Template Gallery”. 


5. If I enter a text in the "Paste your code" editor instead of an HTML code, will it show me an output? 

The Mailercloud editor under the "Paste your code" automatically converts normal text into an HTML code and processes it further to give you a template design. 


6. What happens when I decide to change the layout in the middle of designing a template?

In this case, your chosen layout will replace the previous layout completely. This means you might lose your previous design if you have not saved it. So, it is recommended that you save your design before changing the layout.


7. What to do, if I need any support regarding the template gallery? In case of any queries or issues, you can write to us at support@mailercloud.com