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What is the responsive email template gallery in Mailercloud?

Learn how to create and save email templates in Mailercloud using the Template gallery

Your email marketing templates must keep up with the latest trends in the industry. You should optimize your emails to cover the most popular categories. Mailercloud, therefore, continuously expands its free email template gallery. It also ensures a responsive email template gallery so that your templates look good on any device.


You can easily create eye-catching and responsive email templates with Mailercloud. Just pick a layout, use our design tools and create a new template from scratch with our drag and drop editor. All your previously created templates will be automatically saved in the Template Gallery, which can be customized for future campaigns. You will not require coding skills are for creating beautifully designed inspiring emails.

Points to note before starting

Before you start you should take note of the following-

  • You are fully aware of what the email and the product is about. You can then choose a related template from our gallery.

  • You may also use your own template, with the codes you have made.

  • Any templates you have created using our drag and drop editor will be found in the template gallery.

How to create a template for your email newsletter?

Selecting a template on Mailercloud is a very easy task.

  • From the Dashboard, you must select the Template Gallery.

  • Go through the saved template gallery to find the templates you have already saved.

  • If you have not saved any which you would like to use again, click on Create a new template.

  • You can now enter a name and select a type for your template.

  • You can use one of three different ways to design a template- by using the Drag and drop editor, coding your own template, or importing your HTML code.

  • Once you are done, you will just have to press Continue.

Your newly designed template is now saved to the Template gallery and ready for use in your campaigns.