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What are the key terminologies under Mailercloud's Plan and Pricing?

Learn about the key definitions for all the terms used under our Plan and Pricing.

Current Plan

This section will introduce you to your existing plan. 


It is the total number of email contacts that you have under your plan. For instance, under the account settings, you can check the status of your remaining contacts under your existing plan.

Daily email usage

This is the total emails that you have sent out of your available emails on a daily basis.

Plan usage

You can check the total number of emails that you can send out of your total emails for the existing plan.

Upcoming Bill

Under this section, you can check your existing plan name, default payment method, applicable tax, upcoming auto-payment date, total contacts, and email volumes.

Auto Payment 

You can automate your payments for your upcoming subscription plans. As a result, your billing amount will be auto-debited from the default payment card. 

Upgrade Plan

You can switch to a higher plan from your existing one. For instance, you can upgrade to premium or enterprise plan from the free plan. Similarly, you can upgrade to an enterprise plan from the premium plan.

Change Plan

You can switch from a higher plan to a lower plan. For instance, you can switch to premium from the enterprise plan. Similarly, you can switch to the free plan from the enterprise plan or premium plan. 


You can access ‘unlimited’ by following quality email sending habits (this includes following good design practices, taking permission from the recipients, sending legitimate content, and more) to ensure spam-free emails. To find more, check our Terms and Conditions      

Email Marketing

It is a way to engage users, share updates and promote products via emails.

Regular campaigns

These are the most common email marketing campaigns that use HTML for embedding images, text, and links.


You can create automated email marketing campaigns, with the help of the automation feature.


Autoresponders help you send automatic emails to a specific group of people on your email list.

A/B Testing

You can test the real performance of your emails, before even sending them to your customers.

Contact ratings

Mailercloud allows you to prepare a contact rating for each of your email marketing contacts. Using this information, you can identify your most engaged subscribers and accordingly plan your email marketing strategy.

Link checker

Our link checker ensures that all your URL in your email marketing campaigns are valid and direct the users to the right place.

Blacklist monitoring

We help you maintain your business's reputation and email deliverability rate. Our blacklist monitoring tool reviews your email content and identifies domains that are blacklisted. 

Email newsletters

You can create email newsletters using our drag and drop builder and accordingly send newsletters to your contacts.

Drag and Drop Builder

Mailercloud's Drag and Drop Builder lets you create customized email templates for your email marketing campaigns. You can upload an image, change the background, update text formats, customize buttons, social media icons, divider, menu, HTML code, and even add a spacer.

Mobile-friendly email newsletters

You can always manage the way your newsletters will appear on the mobile device and ensure that the design is mobile-friendly.

Template gallery

We have a set of pre-built email templates that you can use to design emails and newsletters. You can also create your own template using HTML code and edit it as per your needs.

Subscriber management

You can keep track of all your subscribers and plan your email marketing campaigns accordingly.


Segmentation is the process of placing your existing contacts into different groups. Each group may include contacts with common interests and behaviour. Thereby, it will help you send emails to the selected group with ease.

User activity log

You can track all your user activities, such as emails they have received, and whether they have opened them or not.


You can always ensure that all your emails reach the right people at the right time. To do this you can always keep a check on deliverability by completing the domain authentication.

Use custom domains

Custom domain lets you add a domain of your choice and set it as your Sender ID. To create a custom domain, you can visit account settings and select "Domains" under the settings tab.

Deliver by time zone

You can always send your emails to the right person at the right time with our "Deliver by Time Zone" feature. To set the delivery time zone, you simply have to login to your Mailercloud account>create a campaign>schedule campaign> choose your preferred time zone. 

Dedicated IP

Every email marketing service provider issues an IP address for all its users on an email server. A dedicated IP lets you use a personalized IP that is only associated with your sender ID.

Open rates

It defines the total number of emails actually opened by your users with reference to the total emails you have sent to them. 

Click rates

It is the total number of emails that your users actually respond to by clicking on the call to action buttons.


You can create personalized emails and experience higher open rates

Integration support

Integrations play a key role in improving the way you interact with your users. For instance, you can integrate webforms and synchronize contacts with our integration plugins like WordPress, Woocommerce, Zapier, Magento, and Shopify under all the available subscription plans.

Mailercloud’s API Integration

API stands for Application Programming Interface, which acts as a communicator for the different apps. For instance, the Email API integration lets you automate your email sending practices. As a result, the applications will become smart enough to generate and send email campaigns (Regular campaigns), access reports, and manage contacts. To find your Mailercoud API key login into your Mailercloud account. Go to Account> Integrations > API Integrations. (Or, you can click here)

Analytics & Reporting

You can always keep a track of open rates, click rates, total sent emails, unsubscribes, contacts engagement, and summary, right from your account's dashboard. 

Real-time results

You can measure the real-time performance of your emails and accordingly plan your email marketing strategy.

Open and click tracking

You can keep track of open rates and click rates from the dashboard.

Conversion tracking

You can always measure how many of your email recipients have actually converted into your regular customers.

Click maps

A click map shows you how our users interact with your email marketing campaigns. You can get information about where your users click the most in the campaigns and understand how your call to action buttons perform.

Opens by location

You can track the open rates from different geographical locations and compare all the scenarios.

Time stamp

A Time stamp helps you find the best time and day to send your emails to your customers. You can easily track the time and the day on which your users interact with your emails the most. Accordingly, you can plan and improve the user engagement rate.

Download reports

You can download real-time reports on the performance of your regular campaigns, Webforms, autoresponders, and automation.

Domain authentication

You can complete the domain authentication to avoid deliverability issues. For instance, if you have been using a domain as "XYZ.com", then you should first authenticate with our platform before using it for your email marketing campaigns.

Multi-user accounts

At Mailercloud, we want you to make the best out of your email marketing campaigns. We thereby let you add more than one user to manage your email campaigns. You can easily add multiple users under the settings menu in your account.

User permissions

You can add as many user accounts to manage your email marketing campaigns. Further, you can manage the level of access for all your users, which can be admin, manager, viewer, or communication manager.


Web forms are the pages that your user may request using their web browsers. With your Mailercloud account, you can easily create attractive forms like Embedded forms, Standalone forms, Pop up forms, Drop-down banners, Slide-in right/left box forms, and more. 

Email support

We offer dedicated email support to all our users. For any required assistance, you can write to us at support@mailercloud.com and get a quick response from our support team.

Live chat support

We also offer live chat support to all users. You can share your concerns, schedule a demo or get any other assistance with our user-friendly chatbot.