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What are the plans and pricing at Mailercloud?

Learn about plans and pricing at Mailercloud. Pick your most convenient plan and get started.

Mailercloud offers a wide range of pocket-friendly plans. It allows users to use most of its features for free, under the free plan. For the users who need more features, email sending requirements, and contacts, we can upgrade to the premium and enterprise plan. 

This document will brief you with all the plans and pricing structure at the Mailercloud:-


1. Free Plan

If you are a beginner and new to email marketing, then you can enroll yourself in our free plan. Under this plan, you can send 12000 emails to your 1000 contacts. 

To get started with this plan, you will need to create an account with Mailercloud and complete the signup formalities. 


2. Premium Plan

To all the advanced users who wish to send unlimited* emails to over 6,00,000 contacts, our premium plan is the best match. Under this plan, you can select the total contacts you need every month. Based on your selection, we would charge you. You can also avail an annual discount of 30% if you go for an annual plan. You can pay in three different currencies which include INR, GBP, and USD. The final pricing will be calculated by considering the applicable tax which will be 20% VAT and 18 % GST for the UK and Indian clients respectively. In other cases, there will be no applicable tax. 

To enroll for the premium plan, you can either upgrade from your existing plan by visiting the dashboard or you can create a free account with Mailercloud and select the premium plan.


3. Enterprise Plan

We allow our users to create custom plans based on their business needs. You can decide how many contacts you want to target and how many email volumes you would need every month. All you need to do is enroll in our enterprise plan and get the freedom to engage users your way. To enroll in this plan, you need to tap/click on the "Contact us" button. Now fill in the details which are asked in the contact us form on our website.  

2-2Upon completion, our team would contact you and create a custom plan based on your requirements. This will also reflect in your Mailercloud account. 

To make the payment, you can log in to your account and pay either in online mode or offline mode.


*You can access ‘unlimited’ by following quality email sending habits (this includes following good design practices, taking permission from the recipients, sending legitimate content, and more) to ensure spam-free emails. To find more, check our Terms and Conditions