What is conversion pixel?

Learn how to track conversions with our conversion pixel feature. Get started with this simple, yet effective feature and make your email campaigns more measurable.

Overview of the conversion pixel

A conversion pixel is an interesting feature in the Mailercloud panel. By adding a pixel, you will be assigned a unique code in the chosen format. Now you need to copy-paste this code into your confirmation or success page. Whenever your email receipt clicks on the action button and performs the desired action, you will be notified under the reports section of your Mailercloud account. 

For example, if you have been running an E-Commerce business, then you can add the conversion pixel code into the success page. Now whenever any of your customers gets directed to your online store via the email campaign that you have sent and makes a final purchase, you will be notified. This will be marked as a successful conversion and will be visible under the report section of your Mailercloud account.

Adding a conversion pixel 

  • Login to your Mailercloud account.
  • Click on your Profile icon on the bottom left.
  • Select Account.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Select Conversion pixel.


  • Click on the Add pixel button.


  • Enter the pixel name, select the domain, and the pixel type.
  • Click on the Generate button.


  • Copy the unique pixel code.


Using the conversion pixel code

  • Go to the Campaigns section from the left slider menu in the Mailercloud panel.
  • Choose the type of campaigns, such as regular, automation or autoresponder.
  • Click on the Create campaign button.
  • Enter the relevant information in the fields. For instance, campaign name, subject line, sender name and others.
  • Click on Choose email template button.
  • Customise the template and copy-paste the conversion pixel code into the final call to action button, which will direct the email receipt to the success page. 
  • Enable the Conversion tracking option.



  • Click on the Continue button.
  • Choose the contacts, take a review and publish the campaign.

Tracking the conversions

After adding the conversion pixel code to the success page/confirmation page, you can track the total conversions. This will be visible under the Reports section of your Mailercloud account. 

Important FAQs

Can I edit my existing pixel?

Yes, you can edit the pixel by logging into your Mailercloud account> Account>Settings>Conversion pixel>Edit. 

What should I do before creating a new conversion pixel?

You must ensure that you have a verified domain with you.

What are the types of pixels?

There are broadly four types of pixels like Iframe, Image, JavaScript, and Post back.